Thursday, 1 March 2012

Olympic Teaching Resources

Since our blog about the Olympics,  released in January this year, we have developed so many Olympic teaching resources to support the Games. Boy have you teachers been downloading them fast!  

There are just over 60 resources so far and we aim to have at least 100 by June. With the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics this year,  we are spoilt for choice.

We have also developed many more Early Years Olympic worksheets since January, as many of you requested and are due to release the classroom displays in the next few days. 

Pencil Street will continue to develop resources right up until the end of June as there is such a wealth of great material to choose from to bring this topic to life for the primary school classrooms. 

Pencil Street is a ‘pay-for’ professional site, but we have released a number of resources for free to support teachers/parents who do not want to subscribe to our other resources. Thank you to everyone who has provided so many ideas and taken the time to request specific resources.


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