Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rocks and Soils - KS2 Primary Science

Giant's Causeway - Basalt Columns

The first week of January was spent researching the science topic on rocks and soils supporting the KS2 Science QCA schemes of work unit 3D. It is a popular science subject for Year 3 and often done in Year 4 in primary schools.

The Pencil Street office has a soil separation experiment sitting on the window sill and two soil core samples taken from the office garden. One of which included a worm that had made an appearance some time after bringing into the office, freaking out some of the staff!

A lot of information was gathered to try and portray an interesting, but factually correct set of science worksheets and classroom displays to support this topic. It was interesting to note different classifications, on school worksheets out there, that exist on particle sizes for clay. We used the ISO 14688 classification in the end, which grades clay particles as being smaller than 0.002 mm. and silts as larger.

Karl Jenkins

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