Saturday, 29 September 2012

Teaching Remembrance Day

Young children are usually excited to participate in activities that involve celebrations or the holidays. But while your children may look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day activities, you do not have to wait until the major holidays to add variety in your classroom.

Remembrance Day is observed in November (around the 11th), and this day commemorates members of the armed forces who have died in battle. Many students are unfamiliar with this day, but teaching Remembrance Day increases their awareness. If you're discussing World War I, World War II or other historical battles in history books, you can incorporate activities related to Remembrance Day.

At Pencil Street, we have plenty of resources available for teaching Remembrance Day.  These include fact sheets, worksheets, as well as classroom displays. And since many children have a parent or other relative in the armed forces, activities related to Remembrance Day are timely and appropriate.

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